RMS is proud to manufacture a wide range of standard and customized extruders. Our industry leading technology allows us to offer:

  • Different L/D ratios
  • Non-compressive or compressive screw designs
  • Drive arrangements including AC or DC, vertical or horizontal gear reducers, and different motor locations
  • Optional gearbox and lubrication arrangements
  • A wide range of cost effective extruder heads for single or multiple extrudates and for single or multiple compound

All of our machines incorporate the RMS leak-free feed roll arrangement to ensure any compound that passes the scraper knife is directed around the roll and fed back into the hopper. The outboard bearing is located outside the pressure area and the scraper blade as well as stock guides are provided.


Custom Extrusion Solutions

Our technical experts have hands on experience in both machine design and production environments utilizing the latest technology and compounds. They work with many of the leading tire and general rubber product manufacturers and are available to discuss your unique extrusion issues.
Solutions we provide can include:

  • Improved working or maintenance procedures
  • Machine overhauls or upgrades
  • Installation of additional standard equipment
  • Extrusion systems tailored to meet your application and budget