Metal DetectorCompound/Slab Feeders

The RMS Slab Feeder has been designed for use with all designs of cold feed extruders to improve the extrusion operation by providing a controlled feed of tension free material without metal contaminants. Our robust unit is a stand-alone system that operates with wigwag continuous slab rubber and is available in three conveyor belt widths. Available with or with out metal detection.



Mini Calendars

RMS 2-Roll Mini-CalenderDeveloped to provide an economical solution to manufacturing small and highly accurate rubber strips for production or pilot plant set-ups, the RMS 2-Roll Mini-Calender features: micrometer adjustment of top roll for gauge control, adjustable stock guides and trim knives, top roll easily changed to produce different profiles, rolls are machined for heating and cooling and optional slitting knives can be provided for multiple strip requirements.



Other Supporting Equipment

  • Guiding Systems
  • Take-A-Way Conveyors
  • Trim Return Conveyors
  • Measurement Systems
  • Shrink Conveyors
  • Pin Breakage Detection
  • Cooling Systems